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Want to send a plant gift but don't have a green thumb? Find the hottest picks in Pierson's Flower Shop & Greenhouses Inc's best selling plants and flowers section. Rose plants are perfect for romance; blooming plants brighten anyone's day; and a green plant provides lasting beauty. Our best selling plants take the guesswork out of gift-giving.

Chinese Evergreen
Chinese Evergreen GP15 US 24.99
Spathiphyllum GP20 US 24.99
Neanthe Bella Palm
Neanthe Bella Palm GP19 US 24.99
Dracena Lemon Lime Warnecki
Dracena Lemon Lime Warnecki GP17 US 24.99
Kalanchoes BP4 US 24.99
Croton GP18 US 24.99
ZZ Plant
ZZ Plant GP21 US 24.99
Keepsake Azaleas
Keepsake Azaleas BP5 US 34.99
Bromeliad GP16 US 34.99

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